Warfare-RE RUBBER EDITION | B:015.32 | NG23-V:1.4 | - CO - Chernarus
Status:  Stable
Published: TRUE
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Last update: 17.04.2014
Update planned: TRUE
 Contact / Author [NG23] Laescher


Rubber-Warfare Portierung nach Chernarus.


Last Update: 01.06.2014


--> Version: 1.4
  1. Fixed: Shakhovka Town bug
  2. Fixed: Spawnposition Airfield
  3. Update: Spawn Protection
  4. Update: Commander Player SqadRespawn (only if in enemy Peacetime)
  5. Update: Commander SqadRespawn Only units on Map able to Respawn.
  6. Update: Warfare-Buildings information Hud.
  7. Update: US Depo loadout now USMC
  8. Update: Weather (Dynamic no longer Default)
--> Version: 1.3
  1. Added (MHQ Fix) Button. Fixes the MHQ Despawn BUG. Only the Comm is allowed to use this Button.
  2. The Field Repair Kit was added to the player's inventory and to the barracks.
  3. Fixed: Town Layout. One Town Layout Added.
  4. Fixed: Strongpoints Bugs.
  5. Fixed: Realistic equipment Bug.
  6. Fixed: Service point rearm Bug.
  7. Fixed: invisible Cz Units removed.
  8. Towns Occupation (West), now default USMC.
  9. Grass visibility now default 50.