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PRE-FINAL PATCH CHANGELOG 2 Jahre 9 Monate her #1

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13/10/2015 (ArmA 2:OA and ArmA 2) in collaboration with Schatten and groove_c:

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 71270

- Fixed some regressions on AKS opticsPPEffect config

- Adjusted VSS Vintorez zeroing range to a more realistic one

- Fixed SOM Trap mission (a big thanks to OpusFmSPol!)

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 26237

- Fixed Su-25 funnel rotation direction

29/09/2015 (ArmA 2:OA) in collaboration with Schatten and groove_c:

- Fixed and improved BIS Warfare and SOM module (a big thanks to OpusFmSPol!)

- Fixed proxy positions of commander and gunner of BTR-90

- Now BTR-90 HQ can transport 7 men

- Now BMP2 HQ can transport 6 men

- Fixed rearlights and proxies of BRDM 2, BRDM 2 ATGM and BRDM 2 HQ

- Fixed some flashlights on some vehicles that IRL are IR-Searchlights

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 30970

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 23378

- Fixed memory points of AK107_GL_PSO, AKS74_Goshawk and AK107_PSO that now have ironsights

- Fixed VSS Vintorez damage

- Fixed SU-25 and Mi-24 250 rounds magazine damage

- Fixed Igla and VSS Vintorez ironsights

- Fixed a MP bug that was causing damaged helicopters and planes to fall on ground "like a stone" when hitted

22/09/2015 (ArmA 2:OA) in collaboration with Schatten:

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24887

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24657

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 38229

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24817

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24694

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24693

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24672

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24671

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24670

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24669

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24666

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24659

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24661

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24662

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24663

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24764

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 67383

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 14888

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24651

- Fixed some regressions of previous version of CorePatch

- Fixed stringtable of Lada Car

- Changed BAF_L7A2_GPMG zeroing from max 1400m to max 800m

- Fixed stringtable of Hilux

- Fixed stringtable of BIS_CZ_Faction

- Changed BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT zeroing from max 800m to max 600m

- Decremented value of transportMaxWeapons from 20000 to 10 and transportMaxMagazines from 5000 to 50 of Armored SUV_PMC, SUV_PMC, SUV_PMC_BAF

- Fixed stringtable of BIS_CZ class

- Fixed loadout of Ru_Soldier_AT

- Fixed stringtable of CZ_Special_Forces_GL_Des_EP1 and US_Soldier_GL_EP1

- Fixed values to most realistc one of most vehicle's turrets

24/08/2015 (ArmA 2:OA):
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 28047
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 25488
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24842
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24841
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24780
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24839
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24668
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 24664
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 13131 (a big thanks to Schatten!)
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 67383 (a big thanks to Schatten!)
- Added M113 to PMC (a big thanks to Schatten!)
- Added ability to look through ironsight of SVD + zeroing to ironsight of SVD (a big thanks to Schatten!)
- Fixed stringtable of Sa58 (a big thanks to Schatten!)
- Fixed FOV of BTR-40 (a big thanks to Schatten!)

- Added zeroing to ironsights on AK-74 and AK-107 (a big thanks to Schatten!)

29/07/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Fixed an error on Warfare2.pbo (thanks to OpusFmSPol)
- Fixed IR laser memory point on M4A1_HWS_GL and M4A1_HWS_GL_CAMO
- Neared wheeled_apc 3rd person view
- Fixed commander light of BTR-60
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 11850

20/07/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):

- Fixed rear and stop lights of BTR-90 and BTR-90HQ
- Fixed IR laser memory point of M4A1_RCO_GL

- Fixed flashlight memory point on M4A1_HWS_GL, M4A1_HWS_GL_CAMO, M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_CAMO

- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67542

- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67587

- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68115

- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 29472

- Added IR laser to M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1

- Added T90 gunner light

- Added commander light to BMP2

- Added commander light to Tunguska

- Made G36A, G36K and G36C single/full-auto weapon only

13/07/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 2793
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 12294 - CCP bug Nr. 67951
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 70648
- Changed: RPK-74's 45 rounds magazines now occupy only one slot of gear inventory
- M16A4_ACG and M16A4_ACG_GL ACOG optics can not be anymore used with NVG, like other OA weapons with optics
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 22551

04/07/2015 (ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA):
- Implemented a possible fix for the A2 warfare mission JIP issue (thanks to OpusFmSPol)
- Added two light cones to BMP3, T-72s, Mi-17s and BMP2s
- Added 100m steps for zeroing on all vehicles modified by CorePatch

26/06/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Extended the fix for the CIT bug Nr. 27550 to all the static weapons

23/06/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Changed zeroing to 3000m to: M1A1, M1A2_TUSK_MG, M1A1_DES_US_EP1, M1A2_TUSK_MG_EP1, T72_TK_EP1, T90, T72_CDF, T72_RU, T72_INS, T72_GUE, T72_ACR
- Solved .rpt spam of ArmA2OAServer.exe relative to AK_107_Kobra
- Added zeroing to: BMP2s, LAV25, M1128_MGS_EP1 (stryker), BTR60_TK_EP1, BRDM2s
- Changed zeroing to 2000m to: 2S6M_TUNGUSKA, Shilkas, M2A2_EP1, M2A3_EP1, M6_EP1
- Solved CIT bug Nr. 27550

15/06/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Fixed AH64_Sidewinders zeroing and turret rotation
- Added rangefinder and zeroing to BMP3
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67739
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67705
- Added flashlight to: M4A1_HWS_GL, M4A1_HWS_GL_camo, M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo
- Toned down brightness of vehicles' lights (related to CCP feature Nr. 69249)
- Gunner/Commander of: BTR90_HQ, BMP2_HQ_CDF, BMP2_HQ_INS, BMP2_HQ_TK_EP1 now can switch to driver position and give order to driver

05/06/2015 (ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA):
- Re-added NVG optics mode to Javelin
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68103
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70490
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70400
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 7117
- Fixed: ascending selectable ROF order of Mi24_P
- Fixed: added zeroing and rangefinder to BTR90 cannon
- Fixed: added zeroing, rangefinder and zoom to gunner of GAZ_Vodnik_HMG
- Added CCP feature Nr. 69249

01/06/2015 (ArmA 2):
- Fixed A2's UAV Module searching for OA content
- Fixed A2's campaign mission depending on ca_modules_e

27/05/2015 (ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA):
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 71143
- Fixed two regressions of previous version of CorePatch (Mi-24 pilot has lost the ability to fire 40 unguided missile and Mi-24 double ammo) - Thanks to Groove_C
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67741
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67638
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67640
- Added zeroing and rangefinder function to: Mi24_D, Mi24_D_TK_EP1, Mi24_D_CZ_ACR, Mi24_V, Ka52, Ka52Black
- Corrected practical range of M197 and M230 weapons of AH-1Z and AH-64D (AH64D, AH64D_EP1, BAF_Apache_AH1_D) to 1500m
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70371
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 27347
- Added middle (2000 rpm) rate of fire mode to Mi24_P GSh302K weapon
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67715
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 10675
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 16375
- Fixed a typo error on Alice2 Module's script - Thanks to OpusFmSPol

21/05/2015 (ArmA 2):
- Fixed a Warfare Module's bug (thanks to OpusFmSPol)
- Fixed a Garbage Collector Module's bug (thanks to OpusFmSPol)

20/05/2015 (ArmA 2: OA):
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 71143
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67741

15/05/2015 (ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA):
- All fixed script of CorePatch are now included on their original A2/OA .pbo file. CorePatch.pbo now include only config changes and few fixed scripts
- Fixed some missions of original A2 campaign (First To Fight, Into the Storm, Harvest Red, Razor Two, Manhattan) and more coming soon!
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 14421
- Fixed CIT bug Nr. 14483

v1.0.0.24 (13/03/2015) - Better explanation here
- Fixed few "Undefined variable.." remaining bugs
- Fixed the Bitter Chill mission lag
- Changed Garbage Collector Module behaviour: now it doesn't automatically collect not-alive objects when it starts, for default. If you want to activate the "auto-collect" feature you have to set the "auto" variable of the module itself (ex. BIS_GC setVariable ["auto", true, true])

v1.0.0.23 (24/02/2015) - Better explanation here
- Added CCP feature Nr. 63107 (thanks to defunkt for permission to use his Anzins mod)
- Fixed BIS_MENU_GroupCommunication error on MP environment (thanks to Dimon)
- Fixed BIS Garbage Collector Module error introduced with CorePatch (thanks to OpsuFmSPol)
- Fixed some errors of MP Framework initialization with CorePatch

v1.0.0.22 (14/02/2015) - Better explanation here
- Really fixed "Bitter Chill" campaign mission bug (http://forums.bistud...l=1#post2870710)
- Fixed two "Undefined variable.." errors on Shapur_BAF and Zargabad intro scenes
- Added CCP feature Nr. 67747
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 69133 even relative to CIT bug Nr. 24844
- Added CCP feature Nr. 67651
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 69186
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68114 even relative to CIT bug Nr. 15626
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 66695


v1.0.0.21 (09/02/2015)
- Fixed CorePatch error on accessing campaigns

v1.0.0.20 (07/02/2015) - Better explanation here
- Fixed some more "Undefined Variable..." errors of BIS Warfare Module
- Improved Javelin CLU optics with improvements from Anzins mod with permissions by Defunkt
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 71144
- Fixed BIS SP Mission "Bear Rising"
- Fixed "Bitter Chill" campaign mission bug (http://forums.bistud...l=1#post2870710) even relative to CIT bug Nr. 10160
- Fixed main menu slow loading (thanks OMAC!)
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 69143
- Improved A2 M249: now it can use the "200Rnd_556x45_L110A1" magazine from BAF

v1.0.0.19 (20/01/2015) - Better explanation here
- Fixed few bugs of BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye"
- Fixed: Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbing\global\radio\male01\ru\hesdowne.wss'
- Fixed: Warnings in ca\communityconfigurationproject_e\gameplay_fixedat1model\p3d\ccp_at1.p3d:shadow(1000)
- Fixed: BIS SP Mission "Littlebird"
- Fixed optics modes of "M4A1_HWS_GL" and "M4A1_HWS_GL_CAMO"

v1.0.0.18 (07/01/2015) - Better explanation here
- Fixed two regressions from v1.0.0.17 version of CorePatch (thanks to OpusFmSpol for feedbacks)
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67317 (more planes and choppers with RWR system)

v1.0.0.17 (19/12/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed BIS SP Mission "Trial By Fire"
- Fixed BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye"
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70342
- Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68220

v1.0.0.16 (12/12/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed many errors of BIS Warfare Module (a very big thanks to OpusFmSPol that provided me a good list of module's errors!)
- Fixed SP Mission "War Welcome"

v1.0.0.15 (05/12/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed many "Undefined variable.." of BIS SOM Module
- Fixed dialog error of BIS SOM Module
- Added correct dialogs for "Transport" and "Supply Drop" support mission of BIS SOM Module (dialogs were deactivated!)
- Improved CAS support mission of SOM Module

v1.0.0.14 (28/11/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed manu "Undefined variable.." of ACM Module
- Fixed many "Undefined variable.." and other errors of Gita Module (Town Generator)
- Fixed ArmA 2 Bootcamp missions: Parachute Jump Training, Armor Training, Helicopter Training and FixedWing VTOL Training.

v1.0.0.13 (23/11/2014) - Better explanation here
- Merged BIS Silvie Module from BIS Module Improvements Projects by Wolffy.au and zGuba
- Further improved BIS Silvie Module so no more heavy damaged vehicle are spawned
- Fixed "Duplicate item .." RPT entry by first training mission of ArmA 2

v1.0.0.12 (15/11/2014) - Better explanation here
- Merged BIS Ambient Animals Module from BIS Module Improvements Projects by Wolffy.au
- Merged BIS Jukebox Module from BIS Module Improvements Projects by Wolffy.au
- Merged BIS_fnc_locations fixes from BIS Module Improvements Projects by Wolffy.au
- Fixed BIS Zora (Zone Restriction) Module (removed "Known Bugs" reported even on BI Wiki)
- Merged BIS Ambient Civilian (Expansion) Module from BIS Module Improvements Projects by Wolffy.au

v1.0.0.11 (11/11/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed BIS UAV Module
- Fixed BIS ULB Module
- Fixed BIS UAV Training mission
- Fixed BIS "MARTA" Module (Military Symbols)
- Added: now with MARTA Module you can define a custom icon color for a group icon by setting the desired colour in the setGroupIconParams settings and then setting the MARTA_custom_color variable to true (group this setVariable ["MARTA_custom_color", true])

v1.0.0.10 (05/11/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed some more challenges and meta-challenges on MP and SP Armory mission
- Fixed OA Shooting Range training mission
- Fixed the Advanced hints System
- Fixed BIS_fn_halo
- Fixed OA Armor Training mission
- Improved OA Armor Training mission
- Fixed and Improved SSM Module (Symple Support Module)
- Fixed OA Attack Helicopter mission

v1.0.0.9 (29/10/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed some more errors of the SP Armory mission
- Fixed some errors of the MP Armory mission (need more patching!)
- Fixed BIS_OO_Debug_Debug error;
- Fixed some errors on creating Dynamic Objects compositions: Cannot create non-ai vehicle WarfareBMGNest_PK_Ins and Cannot create non-ai vehicle WireFence.

v1.0.0.8 (27/10/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed many errors of the armory missions
- Fixed RPT spam (many >> Addon XYZ (entry ABC) not found in the list of active addons) of armory mission

v1.0.0.7 (24/10/2014) - Better explanation here
- Fixed 3 errors of the fn_hints_functions_navigation.sqf (most of them visibile during the first training mission of OA)
- Fixed 2 warning in the RPT about looped animation
- Fixed many errors of the Garbage Collector Module (I've introduced the fixes that Wolffy.au and zGuba have made in their BIS Module Improvement Project relative to the Garbage Collector and I've fixed some more errors).
- Improvements: now the Garbage Collector Module has all the improvements that Wolffy.au and zGuba have made in their BIS Module Improvement Project (see their site: dev.withsix.com/projects/mip).
- Added: now the Garbage Collector Module start automatically collecting not alive units. It scan every 300 secs (default) for not alive units and delete them if the player and/or his units are over 500 meters (default) distant from the "dead" unit (this was introduced by Wolffy.au in his project). Now mission makers can modify the time for the scan by setting a global variable (BIS_GC setVariable ["waitTime", timeInSecs, true]). He can already set the distance from the player and his units at which the module can delete the not alive units (BIS_GC setVariable ["distanceObject", metersFromThePlayers, true]) and last, he can set if a unit doesn't have to be deleted by the Garbage Collector Module by putting this "this setVariable ["dontDelete", true, true]" inside the init box of the unit to not be deleted.

v1.0.0.6 (23/10/2014)
- Fixed 1 error on BIS SRRS Module (Surrendering Module)
- Fixed "Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbing\global\radio\dan\damn.wss'" spam in RPT of the SRRS Module
- Fixed 3 errors on BIS Functions Module relative at BIS_fnc_UnitPlay function

v1.0.0.5 (22/10/2014)
- Fixed the Fire-In-The-Sky bug (thanks to eggbeast that provided me the Dwarden's script fix!)
- Fixed some errors in the Dwarden's script fix of the Fire-In-The-Sky bug

v1.0.0.4 (21/10/2014)
- Fixed 5 script errors on BIS First Aid and Battlefield Clearance modules

v1.0.0.3 (18/10/2014)
- Fixed 13 script errors on ARTY module.
- Reorganized script files inside folders to reflect BIS original script folder format.

v1.0.0.2 (16/10/2014)
- Fixed three errors of the HC module.

v1.0.0.1 (16/10/2014)
- Fixed BIS_FXsand error of BIS Environment - Effects Module relative to an uninitialized _center variable causing to not spawn sand particle effects near the center object selected (default the player)

v1.0 (15/10/2014)
- Fixed BIS_fnc_init error of BIS Function Module
- Fixed handleGear.sqf (line 521) error of Player Gear Menu


- groove_c for his support and help on bug fixing

- Schatten for his support and help on bug fixing
- .Kju that provides me a (very!) long list of errors
- Rob Graham (eggbeast) that provide me the Dwarden's script to fix the Fire-In-The-Sky bug
- Dwarden for his Fire-In-The-Sky script bug fix and support
- OpusFmSPol that provide me a very very long list of errors and their fixes of the warfare module
- Wolffy.au and zGuba for their BIS Module Improvement Project (dev.withsix.com/projects/mip) that even inspired me
- Defunkt for his Anzins mod included in CorePatch
- OMAC for his support on bug fixing
- Dimon for his support on bug fixing
- Xeno426 (Xenomorph) for his suggestions, improvments and bug fixing in the CCP Project
- All the contributors of the CCP Project
- BI for making ArmA series
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